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Lawnaire® 3-Point Hitch Aerator




For quality aeration done fast on medium-sized grounds like apartment complexes and sports fields, the Lawnaire® 3-Point Hitch is ideal.

This popular machine is available in a 36-inch model, or choose a larger 48-inch model for wider, open lawns. The durable coring, spoon or slicing tines penetrate densely compacted soil with ease. The 36-inch model is compatible with any tractor that has a category "0" or "1" 3-point hitch capable of lifting 515 lbs. You can operate the 48-inch model with any tractor that has a category "0" or "1" 3-point hitch and is capable of lifting 715 lbs.


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Separate throttle control allows for choice of speed.

New ergonomic features

We designed the Lawnaire® IV Plus with operator comfort in mind. Our Handle-mounted design allows you to select any speed you desire. A more comfortable handle, a handle-mounted throttle and rubber grips make it much easier to operate.

Ryan Lawnaire 3-Point Hitch cast iron wheelsCast iron aeration wheels

have sintered bushings and lubrication fittings for durability and easy maintenance.




Ryan Lawnaire 3-Point Hitch reliable 3-point hitchReliable 3-Point Hitch

allows simple connection and is compatible with a wide variety of tractor models.






515197 - Tine, Coring ¾" (19 mm), Back Discharge, Thick Wall

515196 - Tine, Coring ½" (13 mm), Back Discharge, Thick Wall

520404 - Tine, Spoon


521155 - Deep Slicing Knife

515193 - Shallow Slicing Knife



36-inch Model Category "0" or "1"
48-inch Model Category "0" or "1"

8 per wheel (48 on 36-inch;
64 on 48-inch). One set of 0.75 in.
(19 mm) diameter coring tines standard.

Optional Tines
0.5 in. (13 mm) diameter coring,
6 in. (152 mm) open-spoon or 7.5 in. (191 mm) slicing. Wheels can be mounted with double tines; 16 per wheel (96 on 36-inch; 128 on 48-inch).

Aerating Width
36-inch Model - 36 in. (914 mm)
48-inch Model - 48 in. (1.2 m)

Coring Depth
Up to 4 in. (102 mm)

Aeration Pattern
6 in. x 6 in. (152 mm x 152 mm) with single tines; 3 in. x 3 in.
(76 mm x 76 mm) with double tines

Holes per Square Foot
Up to 9 with single tines; up to 18 with double tines

36-inch Model – 1.5 acres/hr.
(0.6 ha/h) at 4 mph (6.4 km/h);
48-inch Model – 2.0 acres/hr.
(0.8 ha/h) at 4 mph (6.4 km/h)

Towing Speed
up to 10 mph (16 km/h)

Transport Tires

36-inch Model – 510 lb (231 kg)
48-inch Model – 710 lb (322 kg)

36-inch Model – 35 in. (889 mm)
48-inch Model – 47 in. (1,194 mm)

36-inch model: 31 in. (787 mm)
48-inch model: 31 in. (787 mm)

34.5 in. (876 mm)



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